Dining room update!

I came back from 6 months in Hong Kong, and I could not wait to take these paintings down and add to them.  I had been thinking about it for ages.  I added some Japanese paper that I bought in Tokyo, a red fish motif, and lots of liquid color.  I love how it livened these pieces up.  Now my dining room is vibrant and fun!


Letting go!

I have recently started selling my artwork, which is exciting and super encouraging!  There is great joy in knowing that someone else loves something I made.  Who wouldn't feel happy about that?!  However, I feel like a little piece of me is being sent off when someone walks away with a painting.  I see my heart and soul go out the door!  But, I know that the person giving my artwork a new home has connected with it in some way.  They hopefully feel a bit of what I was feeling when I created it.  I like to think that happiness and peace and love flow out of these paintings every time they are looked at.  I love creating.  I also love giving!  There is nothing quite like being able to give to someone else and be the answer to a need or the solution to a problem.  That is why my husband and I set up the Pflug Family Giving Fund.  It is a donor advised fund that is managed by the National Christian Foundation.  (NCF)  By depositing proceeds from artwork sales directly into the fund, I am able to increase our giving by almost 50%!  We can then request grants to be sent out to any charity or ministry that we want to support.  It is pretty awesome!  So I get double the benefit- the thrill of selling a painting, and the joy of spreading the blessing to others.  I hope that my buyers will be inspired to live really can change your life!

My best,



Multi paneled project!

I recently had a lot of fun painting four panels that were 3 feet square each.  I hung them on the other side of my dining room, opposite the art deco designs I did last spring.  It is totally different as these pieces are not structured at all.  They are textured and bright.  I painted them in a certain order so it looked like ribbons flowing across all four canvases.  Then once they were hung, I decided to swap them around and flip some upside down. Then I was happy!  A little disorder can be a good thing.  :)



Paintings for an art show!

I recently got inspired to paint three new pieces for a specific window, namely The Westport Pizzeria!  There was a slight misunderstanding, and they weren't given an artist for Art About Town, our local art show here in Westport.  So, I had the chance to put my art in the window and instead of choosing from things I had alreaded painted, I made some new ones!  


First art deco series finished!

I just hung these five pieces in my dining room to give it some 1930's glam...After months of drawing, painting, and applying the glass beads,  I am happy with how they turned out.  This was definitely the most time consuming and structured project I have ever attempted.